Donate A Membership

In 2019 the Eels are giving our Members and Fans the opportunity to put a smile on the face of those in need. Sick and/or disadvantaged kids who have been identified by our Eels Foundation’s Community and Social Programs, will receive a Junior Eels Membership. Each Member or Fan who donates a Membership will receive a certificate from the Club thanking them and letting them know who received their donation.


A) ISC 2019 Members Cap (excluding Juniors)
B) Members Loyalty Scarf
C) Members Loyalty Keyring (excluding Juniors)
D) Members Lanyard
E) Members Bumper Sticker (excluding Juniors)
F) Members Luggage Tag (excluding Juniors)
G) Members Backpack (Juniors only)
H) Members Shoelaces (Juniors only)
I) Members Bucket Hat (Juniors only)
J) Members Cape Flag (Juniors only)
K) Members Phone Charger (Youth only)
L) 10% discount at the Eels Store

Per Month Per Year
Junior $0 $60 Buy Now